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Bicycles for Humanity is a very grassroots organization, a movement really, which is growing in many wild and wonderful ways. Initially, in 2006 we planned on sending one container of bicycles to Africa from communities in central British Columbia, but that quickly became four. The next year it grew to eight containers and hundreds of people having fun, pitching in and knowing that they have helped bring our world just a bit closer together. B4H chapters are popping up everywhere and people are having fun while making a huge difference.

Almost everyone has ridden a bike, everybody understands their value and remembers the freedom they first experienced riding a bike. To millions in Africa who walk for water, medical help or go to school, a bicycle is empowering and the first mode of transportation on their journey from poverty to a better life.

Our entire focus is on helping the people of Africa gain access to mobility and a better life for all in their communities. There are many incredible organizations supporting communities in Africa and they, along with Bicycles for Humanity, form the foundation for change in Africa, driven by the simple belief that a bicycle can make a difference.

I know many of you have an old bike in the garage or the basement and have hated for years to throw it in the dump or sell it for next to nothing at a garage sale. These bikes all have happy stories associated with them and for the first time, many have found that passing the bike on is a way of extending to others the hopes, dreams and aspirations we all had through our experiences.

If you are lucky enough to work at a bike collection, you will be simply amazed by the stories and the right of passage as the bike is handed in and on it’s way to a new home. Looking back, all I can say is WOW, what a year! Bicycles for Humanity is a movement, along with many other great organizations and people and we hope you join in and become a part of helping those less fortunate gain a better life through mobility.

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