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The Movement

Bicycles for Humanity started out by sending one container to Namibia to support the work of Michael Linke and the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN). Little did we know that one container would become more then 40 BECs spread out across all of Namibia, helping many communities. From there, the movement grew into Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and now Mexico. B4H never registered for non-profit status, it has no staff, it has no budget, has never spent a cent on overhead of any type and it never will, it is a pure Grassroots Movement. It continues to grow globally and many individuals, organizations, corporations and groups collecting bikes continue to join the Bicycles for Humanity movement.

I’m not yet sure what we did or why it grew, but some things are known and they form the foundation of our movement:

1. We support communities in Africa and all of the developing world who recognize the power of mobility and the role that a bicycles can play.

2. We support groups that want to support their communities, with honesty, accountability and entrepreneurial spirit as the foundation.

3. We tell their story to everyone in the developed world and support all who want to partner with the people of these communities to make a difference.

4. We are entrepreneurially-driven with every individual, group and organization doing it the way they feel best, in relationships that work for all.

5. We let each and every voice who cares, contributes and adds value tell their story in their words.

6. We encourage all to work as a team to support communities in need of mobility delivered by a bicycle.

It’s funny, but the less we do, the bigger it seems to get. Today’s connected world of search engines, collaborative technologies and global reach allows extended groups the ability to work and share in ways not imaginable only a few years ago.

We have one focus, mobility through the use of a bike.
We have one objective, to help the people of Africa help themselves.
We believe that all of us working together can make a difference.

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