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What You Can Do

“The need is there, the supply of bikes is there and everyone understands the power of a bike and how it can change a life and make a difference. A BEC is an entire transportation infrastructure brought to a community that’s only form of transportation in walking and it creates an economy in much the same way the automobile did here.”

Bicycles for Humanity is a grassroots organization and it will always be. Not only does it empower people in Africa, it empowers people here as well and they feel good knowing that the bikes they have collected will go to a community in Africa and they know where it is and who is running it. It’s a very grassroots giving that is much more empowering than just sending $100 and someone telling you, that a bike has been bought in your name. You, your school, club, church and community are a part of partnering and helping another community and each and every person is making a difference.

A BEC holds about 430 bikes plus all the soccer gear and used bike parts, tires and tubes. For the cost of a used container and associated shipping, the destination community gets a workshop, tools and whatever else you can ship. An entire communities world can be changed.

On its own, it can be a daunting task, but broken into small pieces, it can be fun, bring a community together and easy to do. In Kelowna last summer, local citizens cycling teams, schools and Rotary clubs got together and sent 3 containers. In Vancouver last fall, 2 schools and a cycling team sent a container, and in Thunder Bay, Ontario they are getting together to send a container in June, as are the communities of Whistler and Squamish. Brampton, Ontario is considering sending a BEC this year as well.

If you are interested in sending a BEC to Africa or just being a part of one, please contact us. Bicycles for Humanity will provide all the logistical support, marketing material andpremium products, Cards, Posters and Prints needed. We will also provide web space and site development and support for any group, similar to that for Thunder Bay. Please visit our Grassroots section to learn more about becoming a Friend and organizing a B4H Chapter

In addition to becoming a Friend or organizing a Chapter, there are many different ways you can get involved with Bicycles for Humanity:

Individual contributions

Donate your old bicycle – If you live near one of our Humanity Rocks Initiatives collection points you could send your old bike on a new journey to Africa.

Financial donations – Bicycles for Humanity is entirely volunteer run. Even the smallest donation makes a big difference and goes directly into supporting the cost of sending bicycles to Africa.

Start a B4H Chapter in your community – become a part of another initiative.

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