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Donate a Bike

Old bicycles are hard to part with, they have so many good memories. We hear it all the time at collections, of the joy, adventure and experiences every bike has brought to its owners.

Now, rather than sitting in the basement, garage or backyard, bring that old bike to a bike collection. With little pavement in Africa, mountain bikes or fat tire bikes are ideal. Also don’t forget, old tires and tubes, tools, really any bike parts, clothing, helmets, shoes, it’s all needed and very valuable. When we pack a container, there is a lot of room between the frames and this space is ideas for shipping all of this great bike gear.

Bike collections usually happen in the spring and the fall generally, on a specific weekend to be announced. Most groups sendng bikes do not have storage facilities and cannot really accept the bikes until the weekend the container is being loaded. Bicycles for Humanity has chapters across all of Canada, the Western United States, Australia, Japan Germany and Mexico.

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